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It’s going down in the DMs 

By August 25, 2021September 29th, 2021General, Insight, Marketing
Direct Mail Marketing

It’s going down in the DMs 

No, no – not creepy direct messages from random dudes. Rather, well-targeted direct mail that hits home with your target audiences.

Direct mail may not be the first thing you think of when preparing to launch the ultimate modern marketing campaign. With all things traditional seemingly going the way of the digital dodo, we are aware your company may question our celebration of the prowess of this highly personal paper route (pun intended). But, with consideration of how oversaturated many online airwaves have become, some people have been left yearning for more tangible marketing appeals.

That’s where strategic, measurable direct mail marketing comes in – and it’s why this mode of messaging has seen a turnaround in the last few years.

When you put stuff in your consumers’ mailboxes that they go postal for, you have the opportunity to get great stuff in return

If you have been convinced that paid advertising is the only way to bring in new customers and generate sales leads: you aren’t the only one. But, that doesn’t mean you have not been misled and have every right to be mad about this mixed messaging. Go ahead – get riled up. We too like to get our feathers ruffled about people messing with our minds and clients re: ROI.

Direct mail comes in third behind social media and email marketing, in terms of the bang for its buck. To be transparent, what we mean by the return on investment is that for every dollar you spend, how much you can hope to generate in terms of sales. This means direct mail pays out more than paid search and display ads. What’s more, is that social media is only generating about 1% greater ROI than direct mail, so they are basically head-to-head rivals in the online race for investment.

Plus, direct mail has a higher response rate than email, which means it’s perfect for procuring enhanced brand awareness. That’s because every response you get is the chance to conjure up a meaningful conversation with warm leads. Where that can lead is totally up to you (and us, if you ask for our help).

Other neat-o stats we think may encourage you to put a stamp on it include:

  • More than 40% of recipients scan or read the direct mail they receive
  • Approximately 70% of consumers say they like direct mail because they can read it on their own time unlike the pop-up nature of social media and online advertising
  • When looking at customers who receive a piece of direct mail versus those who don’t, the former is likely to spend about 30% more than the latter
  • The brain processes messaging via traditional platforms (i.e. printed mail) more easily than they do via digital media (i.e. email)
  • Nearly 50% of people look forward to checking their mail every single day (so you can be part of this excitement!)
  • 60% of potential consumers enjoy learning about new products via direct mail

How to slide into your customers’ mailboxes with class & pizzaz

At CR Creative, we pride ourselves on supporting clients with full-scale marketing initiatives. When it makes sense, that includes highly visual, highly effective direct mail collateral. Our marketing team loves the challenge of making your mailouts magnificent, and these are some of the ways we differentiate our clients’ messaging:

  • Before we ever even begin fashioning your direct mail components, we do a deep dive into your potential and realized consumer base:
    • Who do you want to hear from?
    • Who has shown interest in your previous campaigns?
    • Who continues to ignore you, even though they are a key market segment?
  • Once we’ve answered the who (like a buncha owls), our marketing specialists launch a full-scale attack (of the non-violent persuasion) to earn and keep their attention
  • Our strategy nerds work with you to create a plan and associated schedule, so your direct mail pieces become seamlessly incorporated with your overarching marketing approach
  • We ensure every campaign is measurable in ways that are tasteful and tactful so we can monitor the uptake while maintaining a conversion funnel that makes sense for your consumers
  • Our designers and copywriters collab to create eye-catching designs that prioritize your key messages and get your consumers excited about what their friendly neighbourhood mailperson has dropped off

Do you want to take advantage of the great potential inherent in even greater direct mail opportunities? Contact CR Creative today and let us show you the true potential of the strategic DM slide.