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Does the E in E-Commerce stand for excellent or eek? 

By September 8, 2021September 29th, 2021General, Websites

Does the E in E-Commerce stand for excellent or eek? 

Let’s look at how and why this platform continues to boom, so you can bank on better online business.

2020-2021 marked what appears to be an irreversible trend towards online buying. This has resulted in e-commerce being promoted nearly as frequently as “unprecedented times.” To put it in perspective, over the past five years, the number of people making regular purchases online has doubled to more than 2 billion. That number has and will continue to climb as online offerings become more diverse and easier to access.

If you are not quite sure about where to dip your corporate toe into the hot pot on online shopping, here are some cool e-commerce facts we think you should consider:

  • Amazon accounts for almost 50% of all online sales
  • By 2022, online selling platforms will generate sales in the trillions of dollars
  • For every $10 spent online, women account for six of them
  • More than 60% of online retail traffic comes from mobile devices
  • People perusing fashion sites look at an average of 30+ pages before purchasing
  • The most important factors that influence whether someone will buy into your brand promise are fast shipping and in-stock availability

Let’s talk with the ABCs of e-commerce basics: which types may you need to leverage for your business and how do they differ?

E-commerce is the general term referring to any business done online (i.e. the purchasing of goods and services). Beyond that, there are a few more specifically defined avenues within the overarching umbrella of e-commerce. These include: business to consumer (B2C); business to business (B2B); direct to consumer (D2C); consumer to consumer (C2C); and consumer to business (C2B).

Most of these are relatively self-explanatory – with direct to consumer and consumer to consumer being newer (quickly growing) trends within the online market. D2C is when a business cuts out the middle person/platform, meaning there’s no retailer/manufacturer between them and their target audience (think Facebook and Instagram sales peeps). C2C represents the Etsy’s of the world: you directly interact with the owner of a product and purchase it from them.

Regardless of which kind of e-commerce you decide to engage in, you want to ensure you are creating a seamless experience for your consumer.

If you’ve decided to transition into the e-commerce ecosystem or you’re already swimming in the pond, but need to switch up your strategy, CR Creative can help you tap into the immense purchasing potential of the online market.

With search engines projecting that by 2040, 95% of purchases will be made online, you can’t afford to miss this boat. Creating a great e-commerce experience combines engaging branding, ease of use, and conviction. Our digital marketing experts and awesome e-commerce strategists will help you design an online shopping platform with less complicated clicks and more customization than your average online store.

Some of the key components we ensure are prioritized include:

  • Product descriptions that sufficiently sing the praises of what you’re providing
  • Seamless social media integration
  • Killer content (and content marketing) that creates the ultimate conversion funnel towards sales success
  • Easy-to-navigate purchasing experiences, inclusive of simplistic cart setups to reduce abandonment rates
  • Flawless technical elements that eliminate 404 errors and other really annoying malfunctions that will cause any patient patron to decide you are the weakest link and say goodbye

We know how to appeal to various consumers – whether you need to focus on B2C or B2B or anything in between. We take into consideration the importance of mobile optimization, while also ensuring your online and social platforms look and feel like persuasive purchasing tools.

Let CR Creative change the E in your E-Commerce from exhaustion to effectiveness. Reach out to our marketing mavens today and find out how we can help you compete in the Battle Royale for online business with better e-commerce experiences.