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Millennial marketing is a hot topic: Is your website bringing the heat or leaving this lucrative target market ice cold?

By April 20, 2022Websites
Tilbury Tots Website

Millennial marketing is a hot topic: Is your website bringing the heat or leaving this lucrative target market ice cold? 

Millennials, across North America, are spending around $2 trillion every single year. More than that, they are the influencer generation. They have hit fast forward on traditional word-of-mouth marketing, basically pumping it full of digital steroids and making their opinions known to the world with every TikTok of the clock. Brands are eager to appeal to these big spenders and, with these opinionated young(ish) things spending the majority of their days online, your website is a key way to do this.

Websites are never a one-size-fits-all type situation. Different demographics have different desires and their preferences affect how they engage with online platforms and what they hope to find there. This is especially true for Millennials who are extremely tech-savvy while also being picky about the warm fuzzies of the brands they invest in. This group, arguably more than any that has come before them, wants to be part of the branding experience and to feel like the businesses they interact with are authentic and community oriented.

So, how do you communicate all the above via a website? With smart design, thoughtful copy & some good ol’ creativity.

Millennials are in a rush and they want to be wowed. Switch out overly dense copy for bold images, eye-catching headlines and strong calls to action. Without sacrificing your search engine optimization best practices, try as much as possible to speak naturally and in a way that drives action. Do away with the passive voice and command attention, so your readers remain captivated throughout the conversion funnel.

Try incorporating highly personal & innovative elements. Speak directly to your Millennial audience and let them know how you are aligning with their dedication to social responsibility and inclusivity. Use representative imagery and do not underestimate the power of video and animation. These two potent marketing tools will take your website from talking at its customers through to engaging them in a meaningful brand conversation they are eager to be part of.

 Your Millennials expect mobile responsiveness. Not only does your website need to be gorgeous and engaging via a laptop or desktop format, these techy-no-longer-teens demand the same exceptional experience when they are scrolling and purchasing from their mobile phones. With more than 60 per cent of the 90’s hip hop generation shopping online every day, you need to ensure you are delivering on an easy-to-scroll, easy-to-shop platform. Ensure every video, image and landing page is as simply as it is beautifully done and clear away any unnecessary gibber gabber.

Make it easy for Millennials to tell their friends about you.

Don’t miss out on the chance to become more popular with these social butterflies. Put social integration to work by creating easily shareable online content. Once your Tommy Texters make a purchase, make it so they can let people know and consider offering a discount code to do so. The catchier your videos, photos and copy are and the easier you make it to post to various platforms, the more likely it is your new fav baddies will be boasting about your brand.

Millennials aren’t elusive, they are excited to connect with brands who make the effort to attract & excite them

Businesses claim Millennials are tricky because they just aren’t quite understanding their trends. But, if you can cultivate a timeliness brand personality and communicate it effectively online, you will be able to navigate even the ficklest of your new-found friends. Want to see the cool stuff our Sarnia-Lambton-based digital marketing agency is creating? Check out our latest web platforms and performance-focused campaigns, so you can see how we’ve helped businesses earn their seat at the popular kids’ table.

Reach out to CR Creative today to learn how we apply progressive market research, hot-fire modern design and cutting-edge technology toward making you a stand out brand within a super competitive market.