Custom Logo Design

Branding for Life Expressions began with a new logo. With the company’s focus on beautiful memories, the logo was designed to clearly state the name but have elements of expressive creativity as well. Its mix of both printed lettering and cursive give it a firm and recognizable pattern with a touch of a softer, more personal approach. Its oval, white background also hints to the jewellery/pendant nature of many of the company’s products. The logo was incorporated into the overall branding, with colours chosen to complement the blues of the logo.

Life Expressions required two websites: one for North America and one for their UK location. As both a national and international branch, the overall branding in both sites needed to be both unifying but also distinctive, as there are subtle differences between the two. The website incorporated beautiful imagery, galleries and lists of available products, and an online purchasing and ordering system. Easy to use with new, fresh content written to inform the user, it is a necessary tool in marketing Life Expressions on an international scale.