MPW Brochure Design & Print

We began the rebrand process by designing a simple, yet elegant and professional logo. The new logo is a modern, fresh interpretation of the company, reflecting the new partnership and name change. It delivers an elevated, professional image, and uses added colour which accents the overall design in a subtle yet appealing way. Its straightforward and simple design can be adapted to suit a number of different advertising materials without losing its recognisability.

The design and development of a new website was a big part of introducing the new company name and look. The website is a visually appealing way to reach their clients, and has an organized platform that is easy to use and to find information on. It is built on a simple, easily updatable platform to ensure information stays up to date. The design brings the look and feel of the company together in a crisp, fresh way that helps push the new branding forward, and provides consistency and recognizable branding.