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The Story Behind CR Xperience

By January 20, 2019March 5th, 2020Branding, Insight
CR Xperience

By now you might have noticed the new brand messaging we’ve created for CR Creative for 2019 known as “CR Xperience.” I bet you’re wondering how we got here. Let me explain, starting from the top.

I grew up in a farming family, with a mom and dad who also had other jobs as a nurse and millwright. From an early age, a strong work ethic was distilled in me by watching my parents get up early every day and head to work. Throughout my youth, I wasn’t the kind of kid that sat around playing video games all day (in fact I‘ve likely only logged one or two hours at most on them throughout my entire life), I was more into getting outside and doing, building, or creating something. This abundance of energy seems to have stuck with me throughout my professional career as well.

As my time in college started coming to an end, and I thought about the next phase of my life, I became increasingly interested in the idea of working for myself. By now, I’d worked for numerous companies in various industries, and thought I had it all figured out. I just needed the kick in the ass to dive in and give it a shot.

Soon after graduation, a friend from high school approached me to join his venture as a partner in his marketing company. My immediate thought was that this is a great opportunity to give entrepreneurship a try, and even if we were to succumb to the fate of most small businesses failing within the first few years, I was still young enough to rebound and move onto something else.

Soon after starting down this new path, I quickly realized that I knew absolutely nothing about running a business, and started to change my opinion of those “asshole” bosses I had growing up. Fast forward four years, my partner and I reached an impasse and the fate of the business was uncertain at best. I made a decision that would forever change the course of my life. If the business was going to fail, it most definitely wouldn’t be due to lack of effort on my part.

From that day forward, I would grind harder than I ever thought I was capable of. My days now started at 5 a.m., lunch breaks were optional, and failure didn’t seem to be an option. I was able to get the ship back on course and sail towards the sunset.

As I reflect on those early days and what factors contributed to our success, I always end up with the same result – we delivered, each and every time. If I said we could accomplish a project, meet a timeline, or come in under a specific budget, we did it – no matter what.

This ability to not only meet, but consistently exceed customer expectations is something that most people aren’t used to in their everyday lives. Many businesses simply don’t care, or refuse to take responsibility for their lack of customer service standards. They fail to realize that business isn’t always about price. Relationships trump price every time. People want to deal with people who actually give a shit, and are devoted to helping them save time, or make their lives easier. If you’re able to do this consistently (that being the operative word), you will win, every time!

How does this relate to our new direction? Relationships are developed through experiences. Quickly think back to your days in college, what is the first thing that pops into your mind. I’ll bet it’s not a lecture or workshop, rather a night at the bar where your buddy got kicked out for trying to fight a bouncer! We’ve grown our business by “trying to fight a bouncer” every day of the week.

We don’t just print business cards, develop websites, or run social media campaigns, we always try to go above and beyond with everything we do. Whether it’s sending a personalize thank you note after we complete a job, provide one-on-one personalized training and support, deliver products in person days (or weeks) before they’re actually due, or develop a new idea for a client just because we see opportunities that they may not be looking for, we constantly try to do better for our clients. Simply put, we give a shit when others don’t.

This is what CR Xperience is all about – giving a shit! We’ve worked with businesses big and small, and have witnessed the good, bad, and ugly when it comes to customer service. We know that there are improvements that can be made in every business, and can help you find and implement these changes. We’re so much more than just a marketing company, we deeply care about you and your business, and want to see it grow. Don’t take my word for it, let me personally show you how the CR Xperience is one that you’ll never forget.

This article was written by Matt Pasut, the President of CR Creative Co.
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