Business Card Printing

A custom postcard advertising a current promotion, specific model, used inventory, or dealership event is sure to catch the eye of potential customers. We work along-side dealerships to create a unique postcard design and either develop a mailing plan that targets a local area based on the dealerships demographic criteria for a Neighbourhood Mailing, or use the dealerships existing customer list to send the postcard out as a Personalized Mailing. We create it, print it, and mail it!

In 2013 we developed and launched a new program called the Customer Retention Program. This was designed around keeping the dealership top of mind and getting the customer back into the dealership after the initial sale has been made. The program consists of a series of postcards, sent out at different times throughout the year, presenting the customer with a special offer that can be redeemed at the dealership. Once the dealer approves the artwork for the postcards, we get the new customer lists, process and deliver the postcards to the customers on time, every time!

In 2015 Arctic Cat dealers were introduced to the Digital Signage Program, a simple “plug-and-play” hardware that plugs into any television, making their showroom stand out from the rest! This system not only gives a professional first impression to customers, but also allows dealers to get their message out quickly and efficiently, while offering them the flexibility to change their message at any moment. To make it even more streamlined for dealers, we maintain and monitor all the signage content, automatically uploading any new content provided by Arctic Cat (Textron).