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Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an extremely effective mode of communicating directly with people who may be interested in what you have to offer. However, we are all constantly being bombarded with emails, so it’s not enough just to type up a few words, add in a graphic and hit send. You need to be very strategic about what you say – and who you want to say it to.

As part of our comprehensive marketing solutions, CR Creative’s email marketing services include a wide variety of strategic design and communications support. We not only help you develop the look and feel for your email campaigns, but we also collaborate with your marketing team to discern when to send emails, how frequently and the ways in which you need to curate specific contact lists, dependent on the focus of your messaging.

Southwestern Ontario Email Marketing

How Businesses Can Benefit from
Strategic Email Marketing Campaigns

You are passionate about your company, and its products and services. However, because you’re a seasoned professional, you may not always be able to see the digital marketing forest through the corporate trees. That’s why, it’s important to partner with a forward-thinking team who offers the full spectrum of email marketing services you require to put your best online foot forward.

Email marketing can be a highly effective outreach technique – but it needs to be done right, so your communications do not sink to the bottom of your customers’ inboxes. To avoid being marked as junk, your email newsletters, advertisements or informational updates need to look sharp and convey your message in a strategically punchy way.

Managed Email Campaign

How CR Creative Supports Your Email Marketing Strategy

Any business operating in today’s markets knows the majority of their customers are online. We’ve worked with countless organizations who recognize the need for email marketing yet don’t quite know what the best approach is for incorporating it into their sales and communications strategy. That’s where we come in. Our design, branding and strategic marketing team members are going to curate email messages that hit your customers’ needs on the nose. From look and feel through to delivery, we will support your business to increase open rates and engagements to boost your bottom line by developing email communications strategies targeted to your clientele. Contact CR Creative now to learn which opportunities and gaps currently exist in your email marketing strategy, and let’s convince your customers that your company is worth opening to.