Our History

It all started in a basement in 2007. Two guys, two unique skill sets, and one mission – to provide quality products and unique ideas to businesses that wanted to succeed. What started as a graphic design and media consulting agency, quickly grew to offer web development and print broker services to a number of local businesses throughout Southwestern Ontario.

As our reputation grew, so did our workspace, employee count, and roster of clients. We underwent an ownership change and re-brand in 2011, and began building a strong relationship with a major national brand offering direct mail services to customers across North America.

In 2014, we began expanding our production capabilities by adding a full line of digital printing and sign production equipment.

In 2015, we acquired a larger office space allowing everything to be located under one roof. In this year, we also acquired a Website Design and Development company, significantly expanding our client list and skillset. It was this year that we also reached a major milestone of producing our first 1-million-piece direct mail campaign spanning North America.

In 2017, we acquired a local sign company, adding an additional customer list and line of products and services. We also started working with our first overseas client based in the UK.

In 2018 we underwent yet another re-brand to become who we are today.

We have grown from a small start-up studio into a full-service branding and marketing agency, with clients around the world. Our invaluable industry experience and unique perspective has lead us to create a unique and complete line of solutions designed to help businesses navigate today’s ever-changing market place.

In an age where authentic creativity, reliability, and customer service is becoming harder and harder to find, we use it every day to help businesses achieve the success they dreamed of. We will exceed your expectations each and every time. We are CR Creative Co.