Custom Magazine Printing

Country Farm Seeds had a number of goals including reaching out to both old and new farmers through a fresh, modern approach while not losing their established relationships with older and experienced farmers. “People You Know. Seed You Trust. Country Farm Grown” was developed from this drive, reflecting the modern aspects of the company as well as its long time unique characteristics.

It is a dynamic phrase that relates to everything that is ‘grown’ by the company – both the physical products (corn and soybean crops) as well as the intangible characteristics that they cultivate with their customers (trust, personal relationships, knowledge). It is adaptable and modern and has long-term flexible ability – able to be attached to any of Country Farm Seed’s advertising focuses and products in future.

After the concept was developed, we assisted with implementing the new branding across a number of platforms including print, web, signage, trade show displays, vehicle graphics, and much more!