Custom Truck Trailer Wrap

The team was able to design, print, and install a beautiful and professional transport truck trailer wrap for Greenhill Produce. Having worked with them to design a new logo, website, and brand for the company, we were thrilled to have the opportunity to display the new look on such a large scale! The trailer wrap kept within the theme of fresh, crisp produce, clearly and sharply displaying pepper produce and the company’s logo. It’s a terrific, eye-catching way to raise brand awareness as it effectively informs people within seconds of seeing the truck about who Greenhill is!

CR Creative Co has been amazing to work with from the very start. They worked with us tirelessly to redesign our company logo until we were totally happy with it. They made great suggestions and understood our vision perfectly. CR Creative was able to marry our company history with our need for a new logo that was fresh and modern. After helping us to create a great new logo, they continued to help us with a huge variety of solutions for our business – from signs for our warehouses to creating a design for our transport truck, and all of it has been designed to complement the original logo design that CR Creative came up with. Everyone at CR Creative has been fantastic, and we are grateful to have them on our side!

Greenhill Produce