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5 Ways to Improve Open and Click Through Rates on your Email Newsletters

By March 3, 2018March 9th, 2020Marketing
Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing is one of the most cost-efficient ways to reach your customers – but how can you really make sure that you’re reaching them? An email sent out to your audience that doesn’t get opened helps no one.

Email marketing is a much more direct way to reach your customers than other forms of marketing, such as social media, and is a leader in the field of customer retention (which, as we know, is a more cost-effective way to get business than generating new leads). According to 2018 email marketing statistics, 72% of customers open an email due to the discount it offers and 62% customers open due to the personalized subject line.

Here we bring you five tips to help open and click through rates for your next email marketing campaign!

1. Create an Engaging Title

The title of your email is crucial. In one short line, with space to accommodate only a few words or more, you have to capture enough attention to be granted even a click to open. Try to create a sense of urgency or curiosity within those few words, such as using the word ‘offer’ or ‘free’ in the title to boost open rates. While the fewest words of your message, they need to be the most important! According to Campaign Monitor, 65% of brands using emojis in their titles, which boosts open rates – so look to have some fun!

2. Personalize the Email

Personalizing your message is another effective way to guarantee more opens and click through rates. Like most things in life, when it is made to feel personal, people respond more positively. Adding the personalization within the title is another great way to grab attention. The email immediately goes from simply a marketing email to a personal email, and is therefore, seen to be much more relevant and worth the recipient’s time! Many people are used to viewing online options as being more anonymous in nature, but there is a growing trend to seek personal attention even within Internet settings.

3. Attractive & Effective Design

What catches the eye more than a beautiful design? Invest in a professional and beautiful layout and design for your email campaign. Ensure your logo is visible and easily noticeable, but put effort into creating a design that will remain attractive and inviting throughout the entirety of your email. Think about your audience and gear everything towards your message or company’s character – from colour to lighting to graphics and detail. Everything matters and a design that appeals to your audience is worth every minute of investment.

4. Consistent, Good Content

Like everything in marketing, the heart of the message will always be the content. Content is what really communicates your message and will determine whether or not people stay interested and will act on your email. Make your content engaging and purposeful. Clearly direct the reader to their next steps, and don’t waste their time by drowning your message out in lengthy descriptions. Don’t make it overly pushy in the sales area, but rather select a few items to highlight that will get them to look further. Write what you would be interested in reading as a customer.

5. Timing

Try testing your emails at different times in the day and on different days of the week. Find out what works best for your target market. For example, stay-at-home moms would mostly likely be opening their emails at a different time of the day than outdoor hunting enthusiasts. Try a couple test runs and track your results. Tailoring your time to your audience’s most active time online will go a long way in improving your open and click through rates!

Try implementing some of these tips in your next email campaign and see the results!