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Branded Wearables Bring a Sense of Community to Consumers: How to build trust, loyalty and longevity by getting into people’s wardrobes

By May 18, 2022Wearables

Branded Wearables Bring a Sense of Community to Consumers: How to build trust, loyalty and longevity by getting into people’s wardrobes

Branded wearables are taking the world by storm. Because we are nice (and not at all bias), we don’t want you to get left out in the rain. So, we are extending a springtime gesture of kindness by exploring the new (and renewed) opportunities of corporate clothing.

Likely, you make judgements about your marketing forecast based on what’s happening in the social universe. The majority of brands have come to see this is where the fastest growing and most lucrative target markets hang out – and make decisions about what to buy and who to like. If you’ve been scrolling, you’ve likely been seeing how influencers (and the influenced) have resurrected the immense popularity of branded stuff. Be it beanies or bags, brands who are strategically leveraging wearable marketing are experiencing more than just a moment in the sun.

Over the past few years, wearables have come back swinging, and smart brands are making the most out of this eye-catching trend. While previously, some business leaders may have believed branded merch only made sense for clothing and lifestyle companies, smart businesses are now getting in on the many fantastic marketing opportunities under the wearables umbrella.

As Forbes explains, more than ever before, merch holds a social currency that signals to potential customers your brand is making big waves with their peers. What’s more of a conversation piece than a well-positioned Tilley hat or a retro-inspired crew neck amidst social scene filled to the brim with beautiful people?

Make no mistake, branded merchandise is meant to be worn – not tossed

Somewhere along the way, people started thinking branded merchandise was something you put into a corporate conference goodie bag or threw into crowds, only to have your t-shirts, koozies and writing utensils tossed in the trash. However, with modern tastes has come the modernization of wearables. Now, companies, like CR Creative Co., can help you design more subtle and timeless branded clothing people actually want to wear and keep.

Even your hybrid employees will get excited about wearing high-quality uniforms, golf tournament garb and shades. Your customers will turn into low-cost high-ROI marketing machines by posing in your windbreakers, hats and with your subtly labelled totes. By offering a nearly endless selection of items, we can support your company both internally and externally. CR Creative is not just about stuffing your customers’ pockets with cool seasonal stuff. We also offer a comprehensive CR Corporate Wear Program. This program achieves a lot of awesome all at once. Not only does it give your employees something appropriate, comfortable and flattering to wear each and every day, but it’s also a fantastic way to empower brand evangelists who look good, feel good and say good things about their employer (aka you).

Best of all, we take care of the whole corporate wear process. We design the logo and branding and apply it to high-quality items. Then, we deliver them directly to your door so you don’t ever have to worry about brand consistency or navigating the exciting trials and tribulations of bulk snail mail orders.

We will support you to make a smart upfront investment that will generate feel-good brand ambassadorship  

Let’s do away with the idea that wearables have been worn thin and create a thoughtful strategy for how you can make branded items work hard to support your bold brand awareness goals. Our CR Creative Co. team won’t just toss a variety of closet stuffers your way, we will help you choose items that make sense for your messaging and then curate aesthetically-appealing designs that align with current trends and timeless preferences. If you want to see your brand plastered across walking, talking, trending billboards, reach out to our marketing team today and let’s figure out how we can cultivate a positive sense of community and social buzz for your business.