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Client Profile – Joe Go Photo

By June 29, 2018March 9th, 2020Our Clients Rock, Websites
Joe Go Photos

For Joseph Gorzeman, creating the perfect image runs in the family.

The Petrolia-based commercial and lifestyle photographer recalls when he first put the camera to his eye at age 10. “My dad handed me my first SLR – (the same one) that his dad handed him,” said Gorzeman. “I went to town.” Being behind the camera was and still is a natural fit for Gorzeman, who operates under the business name Joe Go Photo. He nurtured his art in the film era, drawn in for the challenge, artistic element, and for the suspense that comes before you receive the negatives back from the lab. “I always liked sending away and seeing what I got back. What worked out of the 24 (exposures)… four, or two, or none,” he said.

Making the jump from hobbyist to pro happened when Gorzeman was living in the U.K. On a gloomy day, over a pint at the local pub, Gorzeman had an epiphany for what his company should be called: “Joe Go Photo.” He says it felt right. “It literally was born drinking a Guinness at a pub in England.” He moved back to his hometown in Petrolia, built his business plan and strategized about how he was going to get his name out there. Gorzeman admits taking any and all commissions in the early days, doing lifestyle, portraits and weddings. Eventually he landed on commercial and lifestyle photography, selling his skills to local companies and organizations.

Soon word spread, and business began to boom. But he realized he needed to improve his appearance online. “I’m really good at taking photos, but I suck at building websites,” Gorzeman said with a laugh. “If I’m going to call myself a professional, I need a professional to do this side of it.” And that’s where our paths crossed.

Joe Go Photo’s website was built through our professional website development division, which specializes in no-nonsense professional websites for businesses that don’t have time to build it themselves. “It’s an arduous process to build a website… to think of the stuff that goes into it,” said Gorzeman. He’s happy to say he’s very impressed with the result. “It looks well, it functions well,” he added. “This was a no brainer to use (you) guys.”

To see what we developed with Joe Gorzeman, visit If you want to improve your presence online, we can probably help you too. Get in touch today.

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