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Think diff-printly: Print marketing is being revitalized by forward-thinking brands who understand the power of in-hand creativity 

By March 16, 2022Print

Think diff-printly: Print marketing is being revitalized by forward-thinking brands who understand the power of in-hand creativity 

For years, the world has thrown a red flag on the play of print marketing. Seemingly overnight, everything became digitized while the press grew cold. Originally, this move away from paper made total sense, as more online marketing was far more measurable and much less expensive than its printable counterpart. However, now something is happening – or rather, somethings – that are reigniting world-leading brands’ interest in print marketing.

Print media quite literally puts brands “in touch” with their consumers 

Nobody wants another Covid blog, but we would be remiss not to mention how two years of social distancing have made us long for more personal, tactical interactions. Remember the beauty of touch – the feeling of confidence a handshake created or the sense of compassion an outreaching hand offered? Us neither lol. And, that’s exactly why print stirs up a sense of nostalgia.

Holding a thoughtful, well-designed piece of print marketing in your hand gives you that sense of realness and humanness we have all been deprived of for so long. Even before the dreaded damn-demic, the senses delighted in things that engaged more than just the eyeballs. This is why we learn better when we read print than when we’re simply glazing over a new soundbite or video.

So, by giving your customers something they can touch you are actually increasing the likelihood they will remember it and feel more attached to the content contained with. Not to get all rhetorical on you, but isn’t that the purpose of marketing? To solidify your brand position within the brains of your target audiences?

Another reason print is making a hot fire comeback is because it’s cool to be different

Print is like the Pabst Blue Ribbon of the marketing world right now. It’s putting the hip in hipster because while everyone else is doing digital, brands who want to go against the grain are returning to the age of the page, and it’s working for them. We think this makes total sense because if you are scrolling through dozens of videos and hundreds of online images a day, it stands to reason it’s real difficult for a brand to stand out in this mass of digital media.

However, if you take the printing plunge and you are one of a much smaller number of brands who are reaching out to leads via more traditional routes, you have a much better chance of rising to the top of the pile (pun intended).

The creative possibilities inherent in print make for high-quality marketing experiences

Print has come a long way since the black and white penny savers of yesteryear. When you work with the right designers who know how to leverage all the nuances of modern print marketing, you will quickly come to understand there is nothing outdated about print. Whether you want to wow with vibrant colours and intricate design or sell yourself via suave simplicity, print can take you way beyond the Insta box to do bigger, bolder creative.

The land of opportunity does not exclude digital or print: get you a marketing agency that can do both.

While this blog focuses on the potential of print, the best part of working with a strategic marketing agency is we don’t make you choose between two media. We do the whole enchilada, and we don’t skimp on toppings. I don’t know if that analogy worked, but hopefully, you get our guacamole dip…I mean, drift.

The beauty of modern print is that it can blend seamlessly into your overarching marketing strategy, alongside your super cool digital tactics. The print of today, with custom barcodes and URLs, allows for continuity, conversions and measurement. If your end goal is to send people to your website, that does not exclude print marketing. Rather, it opens up a world of creativity where you can design a conversion funnel that includes the umph of print with the kapow of online platforms.

The moral of the story is: we’re here to put the INK in strategic thINKing

The world is shifting. New stuff happens every day, and just shy of an asteroid, not a whole lot can surprise us anymore. If you are a brand who wants to lead its market, rather than only trying to make waves in the overly crowded competitive pool, let’s talk about how you can think diff-printly and begin to integrate the power of paper into your strategic planning.

Reach out to print production team today and let’s explore some amazing ways to put your brand in the hands and minds of your target audiences.