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Don’t let the digitization of everything fool you: people still love promotional products they can sink their teeth into

By September 15, 2021September 29th, 2021Marketing, Promo
Promotional Products

Don’t let the digitization of everything fool you: people still love promotional products they can sink their teeth into. 

Gone are the days when promotional products were all gimmick and had zero prestige or function. The whole point of promotion is to help your brand stand out, and within the shark-filled sea of our modern competitive market, that requires strategic creativity.  Instead of just throwing (figuratively and literally) random items at your audiences, you now have the unique opportunity to brand basically anything and leverage it to stay top-of-mind with your target audiences.

We aim to inspire our clients and, of course, be inspired by them and their target audiences. So, we’re excited to share our love for promotional products and approach to keeping them current and fun. Let’s see if we can convince you of the unique punch promo products can pack for attracting key people on and offline.

If you think promo products are stuff made of fluff, think again. Here are some eye-popping facts about promotional materials that work for marketing:

We feel completely confident that these stats show not only do promo products work, but it takes work to ensure they sing true to particular patrons.

What you want is to choose products that people are eager to keep; will use; and that inspire warm, fuzzy connotations with your company. Aka these products create lands of possibility for you to properly explore and engage with to support your brand.

Now that we know people actually give a dime about promo products, let’s move onward toward the trend that anyone with eyes cannot escape: the social media giveaway.

It’s hard to ignore the “tag a friend” trend for the chance to win a particular product or service offering. But, just because it’s common, does not mean people use common sense when initiating these strategies. From seriously random partnerships to poor messaging and materials, many brands fail to incite excitement. So, we are outlining several ways to leverage promotional products more effectively to boost your consumer reach and likelihood of conversion.

Here are some of those key tips to keep your promo strategic (and “cool”, if kids still say cool):

  • Partner with awesome people, but don’t let your intendeds lose sight of who is the star of the show: by using branded promotional products, you can make sure that – even while expanding your reach to other brands’ audiences – people still recognize your involvement
  • Choose promotional products that align with your brand: if you sell summer apparel, please consider beer koozies and beach towels over keychains and office accessories
  • Put your brand on said products in tasteful yet easily recognizable ways
  • Encourage user-generated content with your promotional products: stock photos will never stack up against the organic posts real people generate while venerating your brand
  • Define the goal of your promotion and ensure you have measurement tactics in place: don’t just let photos of your promo float throughout space – measure their influence via proper tracking and build this into your entry requests

Move beyond a one-trick pony and establish a full-scale marketing strategy that gets your company into the kitchens, offices, wardrobes, and hearts of customers.

 Your potential clients will appreciate a well-thought-out promotional strategy that includes great products with smartly designed logos. Our marketing specialists can show you how truly limitless your options for logoed promo products are and how to maximize their appeal. From sunglasses through to spaceships (not rocket-powered ones, sorry Musky), we can help you nurture higher-energy, higher-reward relationships with your clients.

Reach out to our promo team today and learn how CR Creative can empower your promotional strategy with superior products that people won’t toss, forget, or use as Kleenex.