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Two heads are better than one: The many reasons hiring a marketing agency makes twice as much sense

By January 18, 2023Marketing
Three staff members working on computers in a marketing agency office

Two heads are better than one: The many reasons hiring a marketing agency makes twice as much sense

We like to call out BS and bias when we see it…or are guilty of it. So, let’s air out the obvious: we are a marketing agency and, therefore, it’s quite obvious we think working with one is awesome as well as time- and cost-effective. However, just because we have this bias, does not mean everything we are about to say is rubbish or irrelevant. We recognize everyone – and every company – has different needs, budgets and demands. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to marketing. This is exactly why we are proud to offer everything from comprehensive marketing and comms support through to piecemeal promotional items.

If you find yourself feeling burnt out, staring down the sludgy bottom of another cold coffee, overwhelmed and uninspired, perhaps you are doing too much. We see this with so many businesses – skipped lunches, missed baseball games, screaming into the abyss – and a lot of it has to do with taking on too much. You and your business deserve to be continually fuelled by your passion for what you’re doing. So, why don’t you focus on that fiery ember of awesome and let us take care of making your products and services sparkle on- and offline?

Consider us your go-to team for comprehensive business solutions and strategy. And feel confident that your first indulgence in a warm, anxiety-free coffee will be our top priority.

What makes our team great – and by extension, makes your team great – is our ability to contribute expert knowledge and skillsets toward a number of different branding and marketing must-haves. We act just like we are part of your company, except we are bringing more than fifty years of industry-specific experience and know-how to your boardroom table (or a local bar, if you prefer). Our creative and tactical teams will be an extension of your organization, but all the while we will be empowering your actual employees to focus on whatever has been crowding their desks for the past month (or decade).

We will internalize the in’s and out’s of your business to generate outputs that authentically and consistently represent who you are and what you contribute to people’s lives. Through thoughtful and constant implementation, we will transform your customized messaging into powerful tools of brand awareness, consumer loyalty and conversion. A comprehensive marketing agency has the skill set, software and human power to juggle all the tasks requisite of relentlessly and effectively communicating your brand until it becomes top-of-mind for your intended customers.


Beyond brand awareness, how else can a marketing agency amp up my business and bottom line?

Brand awareness is the foundation from which you achieve more buzz and, not least of which, more high-value transactions. Once potential clients are aware of you, the next task is to get them to move through a strategically curated conversion funnel. This combination of online and off-line tactics is what takes cold leads and elevates them into smoking hot sales opportunities.

Your external marketing agency should bring with them the experience of building not a handful, but hundreds of conversion funnels. Unlike internal sales or communications people, who may have dabbled in this competitive digital sphere, an agency will have worked with countless clients across several industries. They will have ready built systems AND strategies custom built for you.


Make some magic with an agency that adds significant value to your marketing by making it more imaginative, measurable and meaningful 

Equally as important, a marketing agency will have the time and resources to report back on their successes and challenges. This will not only keep them accountable for delivering on big ideas and bold initiatives, but it will also hold your internal team members to a standard that revolves around delivery, competency and results.

With ongoing touchpoints, tangible reports and the amplified brainpower of your combined forces, more will get done, better things will get done and, should they not work the first time, you will know about it and your agency will be able to action a different solution.


Beyond completing tasks and creating time, a talented marketing agency will blow the doors off of what you believe marketing to be

Conversations about hiring externally tend to focus on task and time management: by working with an agency, you will have people you can count on to get projects done that either you are neglecting or haven’t even thought of yet. This is most certainly true and one of the most attractive aspects of partnering with a well-structured marketing team. But, beyond merely just taking over tasks and freeing up your to-do list, the increased quantity of production will be matched by its enhanced quality.

You’ve hired great people. We have no doubt about that. However, what we tend to see within organizations is a lot of Jacks/Jills of all trades – rather than specialists. Your marketing people or communications manager probably have their talents and foci turned in many directions. Opposingly, your creative marketing agency will be stocked full of people who are obsessed with cultivating a very particular set of skills; skills they have acquired over a very long career

Yes, we did pull those lines from the movie Taken. No, we will not make your life a nightmare if you choose not to work with our agency. Or will we…*cue maniacal laughter*

Our point is, your agency team members are going to eat, sleep and breathe marketing. They are going to bring ideas to the table that can fundamentally shift your way of thinking and presenting yourself to the world. From fully immersive and interactive websites through to the coolest frigging print pieces this side of the North Pole, you will be pleasantly shocked by what obsessive creative people can create.


Still not convinced an agency is the way to go? Let’s have a conversation. CR Creative Co. will show you how we put the awe in awesome and team in steamy.

While we know the last half of that sentence made little-to-no sense, we bet you’ll be thinking about what exactly steamy marketing is for the rest of the afternoon.

In the meantime, let’s chat.