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Why You Need to Update Your Website

By January 10, 2019March 9th, 2020Insight, Websites
Website Maintenance

Launching a new website is kind of like buying a new car. When it first goes live, you show it off to all your friends, keep it clean, tidy, and updated by posting new content weekly, it turns a few heads, and generates some new leads. Then over time, the novelty wears off. The craziness of running your business overtakes the desire to keep it clean, and it starts to lose its shine. Within a year or so it becomes a complete afterthought until your friend decides to re-design their business website, and you feel as though you need to keep up with the Jones’. The process then starts again.

Much like a new car, your company website can quickly fall behind when it comes to the latest in technology as well. The Ford Tempo was a kick-ass machine in 1984, but isn’t turning and heads in 2019.

Technology, design trends, and customer expectations are changing at a pace never before seen in history. Your website is the core of your business marketing strategies because let’s face it if you’re not marketing your business online in 2019, you’re going to fall victim to the same fate of the illustrious Ford Tempo.

The following are a few reasons why you need to have an up-to-date and professional website in 2019:

The Website Your Nephew Built is “Nice”

In the early days of web design, everyone had a niece, cousin, uncle, or neighbor who “builds websites.” It was great to give them a chance and allow them to put a feather in their cap by having them build a website for your company. Let’s be brutally honest though, many of these sites lacked functionality and professionalism if they ever got completed in the first place.

The business environment today is highly competitive. Your competitors more than likely have a professional looking website that represents their brand. The days of having a site that looks and functions “good enough” are over if you want to stand a chance.

Computers are Becoming a Thing of the Past

I’m sure you had the same reaction to the iPad as I did when Apple first announced it in 2010. “Who in the hell is going to buy that?” It was expensive, you couldn’t insert a CD or USB into it, and it was a glorified movie player at best. To date, Apple has sold over 360 million iPads allowing more and more people to ditch the traditional desktop or laptop from their homes.

When you consider this in addition to the astronomical number of iPhones and other mobile devices in the market, it reiterates the need to ensure your website is responsive and will adapt to all screen sizes, giving the user a professional and easy-to-navigate experience on every device.

Content is (still) King!

Kevin Costner said it in 1989, “If you build it, they will come.” You’re dreaming if you think that’s the case when it comes to your website. Users want to be educated, not sold to all the time. One of the best modern SEO (search engine optimization) strategies today is to ensure your website has content that is educational, informational, and consistently updated. You need to give users a reason to come back to your site time and time again while positioning yourself as a professional in your industry.

A traditional Blog can also be a great content hub for all future social media marketing strategies in which you drive traffic to increase your chances of converting these users into new leads.

“Alexa, I’m out of toothpaste”

Nearly every device or piece of technology that we use in our lives today didn’t exist 15 years ago. Facebook started in 2004, Amazon Prime launched in 2005, and the iPhone unveiled in 2007. Today’s advancements in voice technology make it possible to tell a device to order your toothpaste, and voila – it arrives the next day. The same incredible advancements in technology are happening online. In 2007, the only people that could update your website were living in a sea of code, much like a scene out of the Matrix. Today, software such as WordPress makes it easy to add or edit the content on your site that a toddler could figure it out

Security standards are another concern online today. Every year hundreds of millions of users are hacked, their personal information stolen, or their company website is used as a spamming vehicle. Security is an important reason to update your website, as damage could be done to your business or reputation without you realizing it.

It’s never been a more exciting time to be in business. The internet and technology have provided endless opportunities for nearly anyone to achieve success. For most businesses, these ambitions will require a strong online marketing presence, starting with your website. Make sure it’s the best it can be.


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